Tuesday, November 13, 2007


The psychiatrist decided that I am probably sane enough for ministry....good to know. My tests revealed that I am too trusting. Is that really a bad thing in a pastor? But really, I am so not on that side of the scale that it was almost funny. It made me doubt the validity of the test. I'm really glad that is over. I hope that everything else goes smoothly.

Met my personal trainer today... I only lost one pound this last week and that was with working out every single day. So I have lost a total of five pounds with the trainer and twelve pounds overall. She predicts that I will have lost twenty pounds by the time of my vacation if I keep working hard. If I manage that I might actually go skiing with Ryss and not just look on from the sidelines. I'm not sure though, because I have skied in Colorado and in Europe and I really don't like it that much. Now riding snowmobiles that is really cool.

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