Friday, November 2, 2007

Quiet Week

This week has been one of the quietest weeks that I have experienced in a long, long time. Only one emergency call from a parishioner and that was on Monday. It is getting kind of freaky, like the calm before the storm. I am hoping (and praying) that it is because the month of October was so busy. Sunday will be non-stop from dawn to late at night, so I guess it was good to rest this week. Next week will be all the Charge Conference stuff (Charge Conference is next Sunday).

I finished writing most of my papers for my D.Min. semester. I will have to do two more before the next seminar in July, one before the end of November and the other before the end of June. I am preaching my commission sermon on Sunday (and video taping it). I went and practiced with my mentor and had him critique the sermon and the delivery. He said I did a great job (Yippee). All of my paperwork is pretty much complete and ready for submission. In fact, next week I will have it all wrapped up. It is not due until December 19th. Anal, OCD, you make the call!

I believe that I put most of the pressure on myself and it caught up with me yesterday. I have a confession. I never got out of my pajamas yesterday. However, I did do my assigned physical work-out (on a stationary bicycle in my pajamas). I have been a good girl in that department. I thought that it would help the cramps but they came on with a vengeance yesterday. I am better today. This was something that I had no experience with until the last couple of years. All of my check-ups are normal, so a guess it is part of getting older but I must admit that it sucks.

I would like to spend part of the Christmas school break visiting my dad in New Mexico. He is having heart problems (more than one heart attack). Yesterday, was his birthday and he sounded pretty down. I haven't been to see him in several years. I haven't had a vacation in over a year and a half, so I'm due but leaving during Christmas might be hard. Maybe if we left after church and came back before church the following week. I need to start planning now and try to find someone to preach because I think that a Sunday away might be even better.

Sunday is my three month anniversary of blogging. Happy Anniversary to MoreCows for making one year. I am looking forward to the 3-month anniversary because now I will be able to join RevGalBlogPals. Funny thing for an introvert to look forward to, joining a group. Isn't it?

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more cows than people said...

i did not have a quiet week, but i was in my pajamas for much of yesterday too.

its a good thing.

thanks for the anniversary wishes.

you are impressive on the paperwork... wow.

so what did you do about that bible study?