Monday, November 19, 2007

Community Thanksgiving Service

Last night was the Community Thanksgiving Service and I really enjoyed it. My only task was reading the Old Testament lesson. I chose Isaiah 12. Then I got to sit back and enjoy the music and the message, which was given by a young, energetic Baptist pastor. It was good.

I was a little embarrassed because no one from my church actually showed up except for my daughter. The best part was the very, very young Baptist pastor from the church across the street. He looked at me and said, "Sister Dulce, have you been losing weight?" Yippee!!

I finally finished typing the recipes. It took forever. It will be my Christmas present to the Quilter's Club.


The Thief said...

Our community service is Wednesday night, and I'm preaching this year. I have been pretty much begging our people to come. We usually do a combined choir and this year's piece was very difficult and we got it only last week, while they had been practicing it for a while. So anyway, only about 6 people from our choir came to the joint practice last week, and I doubt any of the other choir members will show up and not sing.

Rev. Dulce said...

I know that the sermon will go well and I pray that you have a nice, large group from your church.

It was very embarrassing to have to keep answering the other pastor's question: "So how many of your people came?"