Thursday, November 29, 2007

Not the Flu

Don't have the flu or a cold....I suspect that it might be hormonal. Took a herbal supplement and I felt somewhat better. Not at 100% but I did manage to exercise this morning which was more than I could do yesterday.

My mentor watched my video, not all the way through because he had already heard me preach it once. He watched it looking to see if I was natural, confident and comfortable in the pulpit. He gave me an A+. I have packed up my commissioning packet and I am taking it to the post office in the morning (it was already closed when we were done). I bet you are all glad not to have to hear about that any more.

I have two graduation ceremony's on December 15th. My sister's and my friend's... she is graduating with a B.S. in Education and he is getting his M.Div. They are at different schools, 100 miles apart, at the same time. Yuck! I really wanted to celebrate with both of them but it looks like I have to choose. I'm thinking that I will go to my sister's.

My sister and I didn't always get along growing up. One of the most dramatic changes in my life after I accepted Christ was that the relationship with my sister improved. It isn't perfect but it gets better as the years go by.

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