Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Seeing Clearly

I made the plunge or, rather, stuck my finger in my eye. I am trying contacts. It has been twenty years since I last tried and I'm not sure that they are the right prescription. Everything seems a little bit more fuzzy than wearing glasses. I sure don't like putting them in every morning. I have to go back to the doctor in a few days for a follow-up visit. I'm going to ask about extended wear and about the fuzziness.

Do any of you wear contacts? Are they usually clearer than glasses?

Well, I'm off to the "personal trainer". I have lost weight this week. Yippee!!

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mid-life rookie said...

Had to give up contacts when I started needing bifocals. I could read fine without my contacts, but not with. They make bifocal contacts, but not if you have astigmatism which I do. No, your contacts shouldn't leave you with fuzzy vision. Good luck.