Friday, August 10, 2007


Today, I read my first required reading for my D.Min. and it was by George Barna. I was reading along and getting more and more disturbed by all the male references to God. Now, don't get me wrong, I will even occasionally use a male pronoun to refer to God but this was every sentence. And it was distracting.

But then, something even worse happened, around page 80 Barna talks about pastors but he refers to them as men. And does it a couple of times, so it seems that ONLY men can possibly be pastors. I am disturbed that this was the first book for my D.Min.

Granted, it was only the first book because it was the one that Amazon got to me first. So it was the first by virtue of the postal service. I just hope that all of the readings are quite so sexist. I am trying to give Barna a break because it was written in 1984. But really, I was serving in the US Military in 1984 as a Military Police Officer. So there really isn't any excuse for it.

On a different note, I took the munchkin swimming this afternoon. We went to my uncles where I could swim in private. I hate being seen in a swimming suit. It was a fun day and since my uncle was still recuperating from a hospital stay, it was a nice break to visit with him.

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