Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Window Units

Some of my more compassionate church members dropped off window units to help take the hellish edge off the heat in the parsonage. Praise God from whom all blessings flow. I had forgotten exactly how loud they are. Ryss and I were watching the movie "RV" with Robin Williams in my bedroom and I apparently had about four visitors who actually came into the parsonage. We never heard them. Glad that they were all friendly visitors. What is especially disturbing is that the three dogs didn't hear them either. Of course, they were all laying right under the cold air coming from the window unit. Guard dogs, my ass!!

One of my good friend church members (as opposed to those that I love but don't really like" called very concerned. She had overheard a conversation at the Revival. A woman is thinking about joining our church. Apparently she is one of those people who joins an organization and then proceeds to destroy it before moving on to greener pastures. She wanted to warn me. Warn me, Warn me - how do you answer than????? I told her that I would extensively counsel with anyone wanted to join the church. I'm not really sure what she wanted to hear from me. Any of you have any suggestions?

Met a man last night at the Revival. I welcomed him to the church. He said, "I used to come to this church all the time." I told him, "Well, I'm very glad that you are here tonight." I absolutely refused to ask him why he left. Apparently, he and his wife are now raising their 11-year old grandson. Which we all know is happening all around us. Maybe he is thinking about coming back to the church.

One of my other people (who hasn't really joined yet but is a refugee from a nearby Methodist Church) let me know that the "other church" had voted down a proposal to relocate. He said that they "even let 9 and 10 year old children vote trying to get it passed, but they lost anyway." I asked him if he had attended but he had not. It is hard being neutral and not saying something kind of rude. If you really know me well, you know that being neutral is really, really hard for me. The "other church" is especially glad that this man is visiting me now and has told me so.

I have really fallen off on my D.Min. reading schedule. This last book has really been hard to get through. Not that it is hard but it is not as exciting to read as the others. So I will quit blogging and try to finish it. I only have it and two others and then I am finished with my preparatory reading for the seminar next month.

I know all the reasons why we quit using real wine in the Eucharist but I am positing my claim - we quit because all the pastors were getting drunk after services because of the irritating shit that their people said to them.

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