Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Mean, Mean Minister

So I'm back from touring the Chocolate Factor and I learned from the kids that pastors are not ever supposed to be mean. Damn, that was news to me. I really wasn't mean but there is a bully of a boy in the 4-H group. He was picking on some of the little kids, well he is always picking on the kids. He said something about not wanting girls to High-Five him. I happened to be standing there and I said (very innocently), "That will change when you go through puberty!"

All of the guys standing there broke out laughing and giving me High-Five's, he got mad since he is starting 8th grade this fall. He thinks he is a man. See I always have those kinds of comments running through my head but it is very seldom that I let them loose in public anymore. And I feel stifled, suffocated, smothered.

On the plus, side I got to buy chocolate. So I'm feeling really happy. It will make preparing for tonights Bible Study lesson much more enjoyable. I have went back to my original format that really had alot of people coming. I don't care what the head of the admin council wants. The people voted with their feet and they didn't like what she wanted. Now if I can just get them back.

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