Sunday, August 19, 2007

Ice Cream Social

Well, no one said anything very negative today at all. I did get a little negative feedback when I informed them that the Revival next week-end is going to be entirely led by laity, planned by laity, etc. etc. ect. One lady said, WHY?? I told her because having me do everything makes it my event and not the church's. I was expecting a lot of pushback but they have taken it a ran. Amazing, isn't it? Now we are even having a Hot Dog Dinner prior to the start.

I have canceled the Monday Bible Study. All of the women it was aimed at getting involved are too busy in the middle of the day. Plus, it was making the same people come twice a week. Don't get me wrong there was no problem with that but the exegetical format had driven away most of the people. Remember I talked about that in an earlier post? I'm hoping to generate all of the interest that I had going before I folded to the established power base.

The Ice Cream Social went well this evening. And then I came home and snuggled in my double-sized recliner with the munchkin and we watched a movie.

Tomorrow I go before the District Board of Ordained Ministry to be recommended for commissioning. The chair of the board said that it really isn't necessary and that they will not vote on it again since I was recommended last year but then self-delayed. (still pissed about that) This is just a reaffirmation of their love and support. Gotta love your DBOM chair when she is madder about my circumstances than I am anymore. She said that the person who screwed me up last year is a very unhappy person. Apparently she sat next to this person at a meeting and she said she looked really stressed. Hmmm... wonder why?

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