Monday, August 6, 2007

The Morning After

Okay.... I actually made it past midnight without turning into a pumpkin. I see a lot of bleacher time in my future. It was warm and a little sticky with about a zillion bugs in the air (and more than a few dropping and hitting people in the head). I am going to get myself one of those stadium seats because having nothing to lean against is very uncomfortable after the first hour. There was a good sized crowd especially considering that almost everyone had to get up and go to work the next day.

I have my monthly discipleship meeting with my fellow UM clergy. I don't really mind the monthly meetings. We definitely cannot say that we have missed out on some vital piece of information because it is usually passed out more than once (I feel sorry for the forest that is sacrificed because of this, however.). What I do mind is one person because he talks so much. He has a comment and a story about ANYTHING that is said by anyone else. The only thing that keeps me from getting really irritated is watching my friend as he struggles to deal with his irritation.

I have my "Current Events and Scripture" Bible Study this afternoon. We will be talking about risk taking. Since I live in a rural area, most of my congregation think that riding a bull is an acceptable risk. I used to rappel down the side of perfectly good mountains so I can relate to enjoying certain risky behaviors. I mean, really, I'm a woman pastor in an area that isn't always convinced that we should be allowed to even be educated. I spent five years as a Military Police Officer in the Army so this should be an interesting conversation.

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