Sunday, August 5, 2007


THE BEST: Today was a good day in worship. I was able to use some of that very expensive training to actually do some good. I told the people about the "Nothing But Nets" malaria net program. And then a parishioner got up and spoke about her experiences in Africa. We raised more money in our Communion offering than we have every done before AND we plan on doing it for the rest of the month.

THE GOOD: Even though most of my congregation was at another church this morning (child being baptized), which really underscores the issue when many of the members are related. We were able to really have a great service. We had a guest pianist who did a great job (We used to be held hostage by our pianist).

THE BAD: My air conditioner is leaking. This would probably not be that big of a deal at a church that had a little more financial resources but it is here. I am having to put a bucket under the leak and a towel in the hall to soak up the water that misses the bucket. The good news is that, while the outside heat index is 100, the air inside is still cool.

THE INTERESTING: Part of my community ministry will require me to be at the football field tonight until after 1 a.m. I haven't be out and about after midnight in a long time. I might be turning into an old, fuddy, duddy.

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