Friday, August 24, 2007

Sabbath or Not??

So today is the day that I really try to take off from the church, but we got up this morning and started building a deck and wheelchair ramp. It is for the grandson of one of the church members. He was shot and paralyzed in a drive-by shooting. He is only eighteen. We didn't get it finished but we did get the deck all screwed down. Now the upper deck and wheelchair ramp need to be built. The designer had to work today so he is coming tomorrow to work on it.

However, tomorrow I will be at the 5th Annual Prayer Walk for our school. We pray over all of the kids, faculty, admin, etc. by name Then we walk around all the different school buildings, athletic fields and pray for the people. It is kind of cool. In the afternoon, I am visiting my home church. They are having a big fair-like block party. I'm going because Jesse my mentor pastor is going to be in the dunking booth. Can't resist!! :)

Tonight is the first scrimmage game of the season for the football team. Last year they hired a new Athletic Director and actually won some of their games. Which is a kind of quasi-miracle because it had been over 7 years since they had won any game. I don't think that Cheerleader girl has to cheer tonight though. So I probably won't stay long, IT IS MY DAY OFF AFTER ALL.

I was taking a nap, had been asleep for about 20 minutes when I heard the death sentence for the guy in Florida who kidnapped Jessica Lundsford. It was a shocking way to wake up from a relaxing nap. Teach me to sleep with it on CNN. I know that the death sentence really doesn't help the crime problem. I know that the Bible says not to murder. But somewhere down in my admittedly primitive soul, I can't feel sorry for the guy. What does that say about me and my spiritual journey. It is obvious that I have a lot more to do as I "go on to perfection". I don't have a lot of problems theorizing about it but when I bring it down to a personal level and think of how I would react. It becomes a lot harder to think that this guy was evil. Pray for me.

One of the people who is signed up to mow the church called and can't. We are having our big revival so it looks like I will be mowing. I kind of like mowing. I strap on my IPOD and start mowing. Of course, it would be nice if it wasn't a zillion degrees outside. Texas in August is hot, hot, hot. At least, we aren't flooding anymore, like the Midwest. I am a little worried about my best friend from undergraduate school. She moved up there. Hey if you are reading this give me a call, SL.

I have a blister on my thumb and my hands are aching from holding the drill. Good thing that my sermon is finished. I am preaching over "we are all ministers". Sometimes I feel that the ones who need to really hear and apply the message, don't get it at all. Not that I am preaching to just that particular audience but it does make you wonder. How someone can go to church every single Sunday, actually stay awake during the sermon but never, never seem to apply any of the biblical principles to their life. I question my own effectiveness sometimes but then I talk to TJr today or GR both young men (19 & 23) and really see the difference that I can make. One of them drives home from college on a regular basis and comes to church because he likes my sermons. Cool huh??? It makes up for the mean lady who says that "We don't have more new people because she used illustrations from that new-fangled internet. I don't even know what that is. We need to hear old-fashioned exegetical sermons." (Sigh) Maybe I should throw in a few "You are all going to hell" and beat on the pulpit a little bit. hmmmm...... Maybe not.

Well, I'm going to surf some of my favorite blog sites. Talk to you later.

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