Monday, August 27, 2007

School Started Today

I am soooo glad that this week-end is over. Not only was it hot but with the a/c out it was miserable. I put out a church-wide appeal during the announcement period prior to worship and two saints showed up with window units to help take the edge of the extreme heat. I was hooking one of them up and thought I should make sure it worked before I put it in the window. HINT: don't stand over the unit when first turning it on. It blew all kinds of crap into my face. My sinuses swelled shut almost immediately. My throat is sore from the drainage. Don't know what I inhaled but obviously I was allergic to it.

The first night of the Revival went very well. We had a lot of participation from the neighboring churches. I'm not sure that Revivals can be considered part of evangelism like it was in the past. It was great though to sit on the back row and just listen to a sermon. I don't get that opportunity very often.

Finally heard from LM my seminary friend. I was beginning to believe that she had dropped off the face of the earth but she has been "Found". It is hard to keep up with old friends. I have only managed to stay in touch with two of my undergraduate friends and none of my high school. LM, PM, KM are my best friends from seminary, unfortunately, they are also in different Annual Conferences. That means that we are going to have to be very intentional about maintaining our friendships. Isn't it funny but all of them have last names that start with "M". I just noticed that.

The wheelchair ramp is coming along. I have quit putting out appeals for laborers and have started appealing for money. The lumber prices are astronomical. $10/board. Man!, it is like grown gold.

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