Thursday, August 30, 2007


We were hit last night with some pretty loud thunderstorms. Of course, it waited until right before Bible Study was supposed to start. I thought, "Oh great, no one will show up". I've been working on the notion that Christians really won't melt in the rain (only witches in old movies do). I was pleasantly surprised that I had a full group. We actually went over because they were really into the discussion.

Ryss called though and hurried me up. Her BFF since 3rd grade had been kicked by a horse and was hurt pretty bad. We went over there (after stopping to buy her sympathy ice cream). The horse kicked her in the left knee. I have had bad knee's since I was a kid. They used to swell to the size of a cantaloupe. I hadn't seen anything like this. This kid's knee was huge, red, purple and didn't look quite straight. But this is a typical ranch, country kind of family. So they didn't want to rush to the emergency room and wait for hours just to be told go home until the swelling goes down and make an appointment with an orthopedic doc in the morning. Not the decision I would have made because of the off chance that she needed emergency surgery. I wonder how much the fact they don't have insurance contributed to their decision?? Don't EVEN get me started on that topic!!

The rain put a bit of a damper on my walk program this morning. The field gets huge water puddles, not an issue for me but the dogs come home absolutely filthy. Now you might say, "Why Dulce, you don't have to take the dogs with you." I would reply, "Yes, I do. They sulk all day if I walk without them." Plus, I slept or didn't sleep last night very good at all. I am trying to cut back on using Ambien to help me sleep. I have battled insomnia since I was very young. I can't afford to buy Ambien to help me every single night, it doesn't seem very healthy to take every night, I waited too late to take it anyway so I wouldn't have woke up in time to take child to her cross country practice. So I came home after dropping her off and went back to bed. I blame my poor sleep on watching Jay Leno last night. Jeff Foxworthy was on and I wanted to watch him but it was the little girl that followed Jeff F. that was hilarious and got me laughing so hard that it must have given me an adrenalin boost.

Good news - football game scheduled tonight has been cancelled. YEAH!! Temporary reprieve. Of course, tonight would have been one of the coolest nights to watch a football game in months. Figures. :(

The 3rd a/c guy finally showed up yesterday to give a quote on replacing the system. He lied about showing up the day before, saying "You must have already left". Liar, Liar, pants on fire. I stayed home the ENTIRE day waiting for him. Doesn't bode well for him getting the job. Of course, he came in with the lowest bid, Damn the luck.

My question is, "Why does waiting for a repair person of any kind, make you want to leave with such a powerful intensity?" I had nowhere in particular I needed to be, I had no money, I had no visits to make, the church office is at the parsonage so I worked on church business all day BUT I wanted to leave so bad just because I couldn't. God, you have truly made a peculiar people.

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