Wednesday, August 15, 2007


I read "Leadership is an Art" by Max Depree yesterday. It had to be one of the easiest books that I have read in forever. It had some general kinds of leadership tips but nothing that was particularly helpful in my context, being as how I don't have any employee's or stock options.

Today I am reading one that is totally different, much more like the books that I read in seminary. "The Making of a Leader" by Robert Clinton. I have been reading most of the morning and have only read 99 pages. Much more dense, much more complicated, much more useful.

Tonight is our CPR course. The first step in realizing our Mother's Day Out Program mission. Well, not the first step. The first step was overcoming all of the opposition to the program. It was going to start in June and now it won't start until September. I have learned a valuable lesson in how to delay a program without seeming to be an obstacle. I will remember this if I ever want to stand in the way of a mission program. However, with some key support and a strong vision for the need that this will fill, it is going forward.

This has been one of my busiest months since leaving seminary and even when I was in school. We are in training for the Mother's Day Out program, have a church work day planned for Saturday, a fund-raiser to help a boy recently paralyzed, a revival. That is all happening in August.

I think that in September I will take a Sunday off even if I just stay at home. I will be starting my D.Min. program at the end of September so if I don't do it now I will never do it. I'm sure that Charge Conferences will be coming soon, also.

I worry that I am filling my day with busy work and will not ever get in a good habit of prayer and Bible Study. I am using this blog as a way to journal. So not all spiritual disciplines have fallen by the wayside. I do miss my friends. Everyone is so busy that I feel that I am all alone out in the hinterland.

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