Tuesday, August 21, 2007


So we get up this morning, load for bear, head to the school. Munchkin was supposed to test out of the 7th grade in June but the school counselor is a bit incompetent. So we head up there to at least try and get her a more difficult schedule. She will be in trouble all the time with the easy schedule they had her down for. I'm all ready to do battle.

We get there and wait around for 30 minutes. Did I mention that this lady has the habit of sneaking out the back way. Anyway, I get around the Dragon lady guarding the incompetent lady. Lo and behold, the tests are sitting right there on her desk. "She was too busy to call me".

Anyway, the child is up there right now taking the science and history portions of the TAKS test. She took all of the others at the end of last year. Child didn't know they would be there and was not expecting to take a TAKS test this morning. It really just struck me as very funny. You should have seen the look on her face.

Now school starts in five days. But the counselor says that if the tests show she should be moved up, then they will do it even if school has already started. This woman does not inspire confidence in me.

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