Thursday, August 16, 2007


Week-end after next is our Revival. Now one of our members who is the chair of the Admin Council, wanted it for that particular week-end, she picked the pastor who will preach (which is Okay because he IS a great guy). I told her that was fine but that she needed to be in charge of the organization. I was not going to do it. Why? because for a couple of reasons. One is equipping the people, if I do all the work than they have no ownership of the project. Another, is that a few of us said that was not going to be a good week-end. It is the first day of school for our community but as usual she didn't listen.

So I called her today and asked if she had put an ad in the paper. No she hadn't even thought about it. She was too busy. A Revival does not spread the word of God to the unchurched. It does not fulfill the Great Commission. It is a chance for churchy folk to get around and visit the neighboring churches. Has she called and arranged for the music? Tried to get something into place. Once again, NO. She is too busy. Did she even come to our CPR training last night? NO but she was at home but she was too busy.

So it does seem kind of bitchy that I don't put all of my effort into this particular event. I am tired of jumping through all of this particular woman's hoops. She was an obstacle to our sanctuary renovation. She held an illegal meeting to delay our Kidz Day Out ministry (while I was at Annual Conference and never notified about the meeting). She is upset because she is losing her power in the church because of new people taking stands, taking leadership roles.

All of my energy right now is going into our new Kidz Day Out ministry. It has real potential. It is a real need in our community. It is reaching out to the unchurched.

I finished Robert Clinton's book yesterday. I really liked it. Today, I am reading "The Kingdom Focused Church" by Gene Mims. It has a really good message. I am trying to overcome his Baptist training, which is an obstacle to me seeing the message he is trying to impart. The male-orientated language is a barrier. So is the implicit understanding that all pastor's are men.

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