Friday, August 31, 2007

Commentary on BitchPhd's Post

I really sympathize with not being able to buy your own house. I am definitely jealous that she doesn't have any student loan bills, credit card bills, etc. Just think of all the headache you are saving yourself not having to pay for all the things that go wrong. Damn.... you can tell the lack of a/c is really pissing me off. Everyone should read Tex Samples book over "Blue Collar Ministry". It has some very interesting statistics.

They came to take out the old unit and clean the air ducts. They messed up the air duct vacuum so that didn't happen. They quit at NOON and won't be back until Tuesday because of Labor Day.

On the plus side, I remembered my parents anniversary and was able to drop off a cute gift. It was cut flowers put in the lid of a candle, so after the flowers are long gone the candle will live on. Plus the name of the scent is "Santa Fe" which is near where I grew up.

I have to clean up and take Ryss to town and not the little close town but the big town almost one hour away. She has to have shoes for her new sport - Cross Country. Of course, it will cost me money. Everything costs me money.

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