Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Okay, just back from Bible Study. Only one person showed up except for my daughter, so really two people came. I am so bummed out. I had several phone calls from people giving really good excuses for why they couldn't be there tonight. They are so inward focused that they can't see. Maybe, I'm the one that can't see. God help me see.

I was talking to my District Superintendent this week and this church has some hard decisions to make in the soon-to-be future. 1) They can figure out a way to raise an extra $10,0oo a year (not going to happen), 2) they can go to part-time status and let another local church have their parsonage, 3) they can merge with the other church. I believe that choice number three is their only good alternative. God help me see.

Now I need some help with my attitude. I am so pissed off. They want a full-service church but only if someone else does it all INCLUDING actually attend. We had such a good turn-out last Saturday for the church clean-up. I thought maybe we had turned a corner. I guess we have begun turning a corner but it is going to be a long slow turn. God help me see.

Pray for me.

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