Tuesday, October 9, 2007


As a pastor, I attend many more banquets than I ever wanted to. However, as a parent, I attend even more banquets.Tonight is no exception--the 4-H Banquet, which is a big deal in my part of the world. The kids even are not considered absent from school if they are away at a 4-H event. I served on two committee's for this particular banquet--prizes and decorating. We did a great job on getting prizes for the kids this year. Thank goodness they just want my help moving tables and stuff tonight for the decorating committee because I have very little talent in that particular are.

Last year I was in charge of organizing the caterer's. It was a horrible job and it taught me to always get a contract so that things aren't changed without your permission. Hopefully, tomorrow I won't have any horror stories to tell about this year's banquet. Ah hope springs eternal.

I want to thank the Ask the Matriarch section of the RevGalPals. They were a lot of help in my dealing with my problem parishioner. I had never considered how many people over my four years here had left the church until I started counting. He is up to seven right now. I have removed him from the Board of Trustees as of Jan. 1. And am still working on some of the other suggestions. Keep him in your prayers. It can't be easy to deal with such a horrible disease.

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