Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Bridwell Library

I spent all day today at Bridwell Library at SMU-Perkins. My thanks to Clyde who helped me dig through Microfiche and other stuff. What was really amazing about my trip today was the fact that I did not get irritated by any of the other drivers. This is truly amazing. I think it was because I was so busy composing two of my D.Min. papers in my head and working on a better intro and ending to my Commissioning sermon. Dallas traffic is never a pleasant experience but this trip wasn't bad at all.

However, spending an entire day researching at the Library makes the rest of my weekly duties seem like I'm playing catch-up the rest of the week. But I am not feeling guilty because I know that I won't have a day off until next week sometime.

We are honoring the mighty Sweet Potato this week-end and our little, little community will swell to over 3,000 as visitors pour in. Now keep in mind that we only have 800 telephone numbers with our prefix. It means a big jump. We might even have a traffic jam or two.

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