Saturday, October 20, 2007

Garage Sale

Today was the "Historic Highway 80 Garage Sale", extending from Mississippi to Grand Prairie Texas. Ryss and I spent a couple of hours exploring the different places, looking for unique or unusual things. It was some good quality time. We didn't really buy much (a seasoned cast iron skillet for me and a necklace for Ryss). I did get an old army ammo box. I haven't decided what to store in it but it looked useful.

We stopped for BBQ at the end of the trail. So now, my stomach is full and I am feeling lazy and contented. Her BFF is spending the night and they are using my laptop playing some kind of "Zoo Tycoon" game.

Do any of my watch the television show "Numbers"? It showed a perverted use of the Stations of the Cross last night. It really bothered me. I usually have no problem separating fiction and real life but I love the Stations of the Cross. And I absolutely hated seeing them used this way. Maybe I'm getting old.

Good news on my "No-Complaining" project. I have very well today. Of course, I stayed home most of the day so maybe it doesn't count. I have noticed that I very aware of what is coming out of my mouth and I'm even changing the band when I think a complaint. I have already switched my wrist band for this complaint so I'm sharing it with you.

I work very hard to have the bulletin finished by Wednesday so that I can give it to all necessary parties that night at Bible Study. Well, my lay leader has not been coming to Bible Study (she is very over-extended). It is getting later and later when she wants the scripture for Sunday Services. It's a problem because she has to practice it before Sunday. I tried to replace her this year at the Nominations Committee meeting, but I had other issues with the Trustee Chair and didn't pay it enough attention. My bad.

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