Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Ten p.m.

I am coming to really dislike Tuesdays. We haven't really heard from the Head Bane and all the little Bane's of my existence in a while, but they all meet on Tuesdays. And today they decided that they were too tired to have our annual float in the parade. And have started calling people drumming up support for their decision to quit. Do they call me? No, of course not, so I don't get the call about all this until 10 p.m.

Of course, they waited until the last minute to start kicking up a fuss. We have already spend money on the decorations, announced it to everyone, advertised, etc. We have labeled 20 cases of free water to pass out.

Now the kicker is this...they have never helped with the float before. This will be my fourth year. They only thing they do is show up and climb on. Well, I got news for them--we are doing a float even if it is just a little red wagon pulled by yours truly.

And before you ask, I have already moved my wrist band for complaining. But I thought that the top of my head might explode.

What do you do when people don't want to DO anything? And not only that, they don't want ANYONE ELSE TO DO ANYTHING. They think that people should just show up at our doors every Sunday because it is sitting there. I totally agree with the statement that "being a pastor is like being pecked to death by ducks".


more cows than people said...

i hear ya. those are some of the most discouraging moments in ministry. but if they don't want to do it- why are you doing it anyway?

of course it's a valuable thing to do, but... if they don't want to invest themselves in evangelism, shouldn't they have to deal with the consequences?

i don't know. maybe that sounds harsh. i'm also just saying things that i need to start believing myself. i've done a lot of things seemingly singlehandedly the last five years and the truth is, it is the things that folks have done with me, or even without me, that seem to have had some lasting impact.

feel free to ignore me completely if you're convicted and energized and want to do this with or without them. i certainly have done plenty without them and i understand the motivation.

Rev. Dulce said...

Oh if everyone wanted to give up--I would let it drop. I'm not a martyr to the parade idea. However, there are some that are very committed and will be doing most of the work.

That is what was so peculiar about this. This group DOES NOTHING to help with the float.

They just gripe, complain and stick pins in a doll that looks like me.

The problem is they are literally killing this church. And it is breaking my heart.

more cows than people said...

thanks for clarifying. ouch. yuck. and i'm so sorry.

grrr.... ministry. sigh. ((((revdulce))))