Monday, October 8, 2007

Ken Gire

I have to write a critical book review of Ken Gire's book "Windows of the Soul". I am having problems doing this because it is not a straight-line narrative style book. I really liked the book but I am a linear thinker and find writing over a book that in many ways is poetry is very hard.

Just ignore me.... I will do it but I just will not enjoy doing it.

The funeral went well. It was very short. I have never officiated at a Memorial Service and it is amazing how much stuff is cut out when the funeral home is totally cut out of the service. Since this is the South, we usually feed the family (enough for about 10 families). This was such an early morning service we just invited the family back for coffee and cookies. It went over very well.

I had to change the channel earlier. I couldn't bear to hear the press conference with the police and others involved with the massacre in Wisconsin. It is beside me that a police officer can be so out of control to kill 6 people. It makes me want to lock my daughter up in a bullet-proof room and never let her out. Fear is a prison of its own, isn't it? I was crying by the time I heard the pastor of the shooter's family give their press release. I hope that the community in Wisconsin will show this family the same grace and courage that the Amish community did last year to that shooter's family.

I googled myself today out of curiosity and to see if I could track down my own blog. That didn't happen but I did get to see some of the funerals that I have presided over and someone with my exact name in California is, also, presiding over funerals. I did find my name on the short-lived Board of Church and Society. My conference pretty much eviscerated that committee last year. Damn troublemakers....that's all that was on that committee. (Does sarcasm come through the blogophere very well??)

This blog is getting longer and longer because I am putting off writing about Ken Gire's book. Must go write, must go write, must go... bake cookies?

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