Saturday, October 6, 2007

Doing Something Right

My daughter was given a homework assignment that required her to use math to design her dream home. She named her dream home "Open Hearts Hospital". You see, her dream home is a small apartment on the 3rd floor of a hospital in Africa. She is the greatest!!

So while she was designing her hospital and dream home, I was reading an article in "The Christian Century" written by Parker Palmer. It talked about a man dying after donating part of his liver to his brother mainly because of poor post-surgical care. He had a couple of quotes that I thought might apply to our broken system. "Exhibit A in my case for educating a 'new professional', by which I mean a person who not only is competent in his or her discipline but also has the skill and the will to resist and help transform the institutional pathologies that threaten the profession's highest standards. I know of no field where the new professional is not needed."

or "Such an education would call us to identify and examine our own shadows. Only when we name and claim our own shadows and become accountable for the darkness that we create will we be able to evoke 'the better angels of our nature,' inner sources of light that make both individuals and institutions more humane."

I have faith that the new generation of pastors will work on reforming our system.

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