Monday, October 22, 2007

Definition of Love

Now don't expect this to be about some deep theological truth about the love God has for us. Nope, it's about a Mom getting up before the sun is up to make pancakes for her daughter. Daughter is running in a District Cross-Country race this morning. And I got up and made her pancakes so that she would have a good carb load for the race later. Trust me when I say that getting up and cooking is one my least favorite things in the ENTIRE world. Ah....the things we do for our kids.

I am, also, going and sitting in the cold and rain because I have been anointed the picture taker for the team--yearbook photos are needed. Of course, I would be there anyway so it is good to have an official function.

It was not, however, a good sign when we pulled up to the school and there are cops everywhere. They were only letting the Cross Country team enter the school grounds. Apparently, the school was broken into over the week-end. Ryss exclaimed, "Cool, Mom, look forensics!!" They were fingerprinting doors.

I am still in a very, very good mood this morning (and, I am not a morning person). It is amazing what preaching a sermon with the aid of the Holy Spirit can do for a persons attitude. I believe that the Holy Spirit is with me when I prepare many of my sermons but yesterday was powerful. I could hear people talking amongst themselves as they left the sanctuary about the sermon and the preaching..... and it was all GOOD.

Well, I am off to sit in the rain and the cold, cold wind (I'm a lightweight when it comes to tolerating cold).

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