Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Rising Star

My little girl won the "Rising Star" award last night at the 4-H banquet. I could have told anyone that asked that she is a star. She was one of the best speakers last night because of something that the church does every month.

The second Sunday of every month, the children run the entire worship service except for the sermon itself (and trust me if one wants to do the sermon I will let them). The kids are invested in the worship service and they learn how to speak in public (and behave). It might not work at a large church (although I'm not sure about that). It isn't some slick production but they do a great job. And then we all go in for our monthly fellowship meal.

We had a new boy at our Kidz Day Out program today. He was the cutest thing (another two year old). This month we did not try to plan every single minute of the day but, rather, we just let it flow and it was so much more relaxed. And they said, "you can't teach old dogs new tricks". We did learn from last month. Lily, the border collie, was a big hit again this month. She is a great distraction. I, however, am exhausted and still have Bible Study tonight. Tomorrow I am writing all day and then spending the evening at a football game.

Ryss is cheering and playing in the band. She plays the oboe during concert season and the bass drum during marching season. So tomorrow I get to watch her march, with the bass drum, in her cheerleading outfit. Should be amusing. All of her friends grew six inches this past summer, but, alas, she did not. And is now the shortest person in her grade. Which means that she just had to play the biggest drum she could find. All you can see of her out on the field is her ankles.

I'm thinking about getting her a new violin for Christmas. She is now playing a 3/4 size violin and is ready for the full-size. I thought it would make a better gift than some I could think of. I don't know yet but her music teacher is selling one fairly inexpensively.

Oh, shoot. I forgot that I have to get my tire patched tomorrow. It has a slow leak and I have to keep getting it filled. That will cut into my writing time. Darn.

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