Saturday, October 6, 2007

Fair Thee Well

My friend and parishioner's mother died early this morning. She is upset but is complying with her mother's last wishes that she be cremated. We are having her memorial service at the church. She was raised Catholic but when her parents divorced they were asked to leave the church. It has been a difficult week especially since they were in the process of moving into a new house and the electricity still hasn't been turned on. Those of you who don't live out in rural America might not know but many of us are held hostage to the local Coop. The one in our area has a habit of "losing" the orders for electric poles so it can be weeks before they get around to getting electricity out to homes.

MoreCows email me at and I will send you the post I carefully and thoughtfully decided not to post. Can you hear my feathers fluttering?? I did receive word from the Conference that they want me to re-do the psych evaluation. What the hell? Just another $100. No problem for them. My last evaluation didn't find anything wrong so I'm not worried. It is just a pain. They are requiring everyone do re-do it even if they had one within the last year.

My daughter and I had the most rare of days--nothing to do. Except for showing up at the funeral home with my friend, neither one of us had anything scheduled. I slept until 9:30. I needed a break today and God provided it. God is good. Now, you might think that it is shallow to pray for a day with nothing to do. Maybe it is? But I'm enjoying it.

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