Sunday, October 14, 2007


Last year at the church garage sale, I bought a set of golf clubs. Now you understand that I cannot play golf, have never played golf and really had very little interest in playing golf. What I do want to do is get in on all of those "good old boy" conversations that are had while they are playing golf. There is a fair amount of politicking that goes on at the golf course. It seemed inherently unfair to me, so now, I own a set of golf clubs.

Which have not helped me at all, because I have no time to learn to play golf. So I am informing all of my blogger pals that I intend to learn golf, someday. Perhaps that will inspire me to get out there.

I only have two more 3rd person Critical Book Reviews to go. Yeah! I really think that my decision to not try and finish my D.Min. in two years but to go with the three year plan was for the best. I would have been at wit's end trying to do all of these papers, get commissioning paperwork submitted and getting ready for a new semester in January. I think it was just pride and the tendency to overwork that made me want to get it done in two years.

I loved today's Gospel lesson. It is not often that you can make the comparison between your church and Nine Lepers. I received a lot of comments about the sermon and, so far, all have been favorable. The way I look at it, if you are mad, check to see if the shoe fits.

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