Saturday, October 13, 2007

Dog Lover

As you know, I love dogs. I love fat dogs, skinny dogs, young dogs and old dogs. I especially love my dogs and Lucien A.K.A. Lucifer is a great dog. He actually talks to me. Most often when he wants to share the recliner or bed with me, it is great and usually hilarious. However, he did something yesterday that totally grossed me out. He ate a Frog. I was worried because I wasn't sure if frogs are poisonous. However, the frog that Lucifer ate was not of the poisonous variety (Thank God) or if it was Luke obviously has a cast-iron stomach.

You might wonder, "Does she have nothing better to do than write about a dog eating frogs?" Well, of course, I do. However, I am bored. Which I cannot admit to my daughter, because in our house if you admit to that particular state of mind you have to clean the garage. I did not clean the garage, but I did pull the weeds in front of the parsonage some that were taller than me.

The problem is all of these Critical Book Reviews. I wish that I would have known about them when assigned the reading of the book. Then I could have read the book, written about the book and been done with the book. It is unusual that I like almost all the books assigned in a particular semester. And I really did like most of these or found them relevant to the topic. The biggest problem that I'm having is the concept of writing in the 3rd person which is required by the professor. This reader/author finds that this is a particularly boring way of writing and communicating about a topic. This reader wants to say, "I loved this book because....." or "I hated this book because...." And apparently, this reader is overly fond of the plural form "we" or "us" or "their". With that said, this writer need to quit bitchin' and get back to work. She only has three more to go.


The Thief said...

My old dog ate a dead fish off the street. He ended up just fine, but his breath smelled pretty bad!

DogBlogger said...

I caught The Boy licking one of the compost bin's holes yesterday. Did his breath ever stink...