Wednesday, October 24, 2007


There was an error on the checklist for Probationary Elder/Commissiong from the conference. I tried and tried to get it resolved, finally got my mentor involved. Yes, my mentor is cool. I assigned him to myself. The conference never did it after my last one moved so I just put him down as my mentor.

Received email tonight that was sent to all persons going through the process, that there was an error. I sent my first email about the issue over one week ago. Apparently it only counts if an Elder reports said error.

It reminds me of boot camp. The trainee's aren't really treated as human beings. And I understand why the military does it, but it is a little difficult to take when it is the church. I wonder if it is a form of bureaucratic hazing??

Between dealing with that all day and the charge conference computer program.... it was frustrating. However, Bible Study was wonderful. We finished the water re-labeling program for Saturday and completed a lot of the sign preparation for the float.

It is great the way the Bible study group is coming together a true covenant group. It is good to see that everything isn't as bad as it felt last night.

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DogBlogger said...

Have you seen the cover story on the ordination process in the latest UM Reporter?