Saturday, October 13, 2007

Cross Country

Well, Ryss ran her first cross country meet today. There were around fifty schools participating. It was alot of kids. She came in 67th out of 96 in her division. And 1st out of the other girls from her school. She even came in before some of the Jr.High boys who started five minutes earlier than the girls. With all of that said, I'm proud of her.

She did the running and I did the cheering. Am exhausted--must nap. Cheering those kids over the finish line is draining.

I was up late last night praying for one of our High School boys. He was hit during the football game and Care-Flighted to BigCity Hospital. I have received word that he is doing fine. As I watch more and more boys injured during football, I am convinced that this game is unnecessary but since I live in the "Friday Night Lights" state I remain in the minority. However, last year we poured literally 100's of thousands of dollars into the football program (which for a small school is ridiculous) and our Science test scores have fallen from the previous years scores. I wonder, do we really have our priorities straight??

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