Monday, October 29, 2007


My conference has a custom made computer program/system to track appointments, charge conference paperwork, commissioning, and ordination paperwork. They named it DOVE, which is an oxymoron or just a stake in the eye. It is probably one of the most frustrating systems that I have ever worked on--and I've been working with computers since it was all DOS. I've taken computer programing. I've tutored at the college level in Microsoft Office.

They have every single piece of paperwork filed under a different file, which to me, seems like a complete waste of files. And they are named very unusually, it is frustrating.

I can only imagine what people who have limited computer skills are feeling, especially local pastors who may or may not even have church computers and definitely won't have any office help.

What is especially frustrating is that we have to fill the charge conference paperwork out on-line, then print it out and submit it manually also. So it isn't saving trees or time.

Maybe Ozzy had it right back in the 80's --- just bite the heads off of those DOVE's.

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