Friday, October 26, 2007

October-An Important Month

The month of October is an important month-- It is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I had my annual Mammogram yesterday. I love the college girls who are selling the T-Shirt with two softballs on the front which says "Save Second Base" or the slogan "Save the Ta-Ta's".
Click on this link If 150 people click on the site every day the sponsors will donate a free mammogram. It doesn't take but a couple of seconds and costs you nothing.

It is Domestic Violence Prevention Month. This is a ministry that every church should be involved in. Have you preached about Domestic Violence this month? Have you talked to your children about this topic? Knowledge is power.

It is Book Lovers Month. Hurray for that. Gotta luv the books. I am currently reading "The Intellectual Devotional". It says it will "Revive Your Mind, Complete Your Education and Converse Confidently about our Nation's Past". I am on Day 6, only one year to go before I am completely REVIVED. :)

It is, also, the month when you can send money to UNICEF. For more information visit You can dress up for a good cause and help provide clean water, vaccines, nutrition and education to "all the little children of the world".

So see, it is an important month in a lot of different ways. I am thinking about declaring it my favorite month but I don't want all the other months to have their feeling's hurt. It is a huge dilemma.

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