Monday, October 15, 2007

Environmental Blog Day

I did not do much for the environment today. I did buy groceries and bought as much locally grown and organic food that I could. Plus, picked about 10 pounds of pecans that the storm knocked off my trees. We did pass a resolution at the church a couple of Admin Councils ago to switch our light bulbs to the CFL's, so as a regular one burns out we switch. Like buying organic, going green is more expensive initially but pays off down the road.

Today was a fifteen hour work-day. I did not finish my last counseling session until 9:30 tonight. I spent much of today on Charge Conference paperwork. My conference has everything routed through a "new" computer system. I love technology but it is supposed to make life easier and this system is not user friendly. It takes 4-5 minutes for each screen to load (which makes the entire process slow and cumbersome) and then when they do you need a magnifying glass to read them. And when you print the final copy off, the print is gigantic. I actually read a book today between the screen loads -- over five hundred pages. And I'm still not finished with Charge Conference paperwork. But I started early and have a month before my charge conference, so it should work out.

Tomorrow will be just as busy. I remember when I first told my family I was going to be a pastor. My mother exclaimed, "You are getting a job that you only work one day a week!?!" That hasn't materialized.


The Thief said...

You're right on the mark about the user-unfriendly interface they've provided us with for our charge conference materials.

One thing that makes ours STINK is that you have to go in order. You can't go on to the next question until you've finished the current one. Another is that we don't have internet access at the church, so it has to be done elsewhere. And then there's the multiple choice question that doesn't offer a choice of "other" or anything, so if we're not partnered with one of the four overseas conferences that the Annual Conference is partnered with, we have to lie and say we are in order to get to the next question!!!

Rev. Dulce said...

Man, your's does sound even worse then ours is!! I didn't think it was possible.

The main issue with most of these programs is that they are "ego-centric". My conference assumes that we all have High-Speed internet service, yours assumes that you have internet at the church.

I pay for my own internet service, not the church. I use my own computer because the churchs would not even be able to interface with most of the programs we have to use now.

I said something to someone high up in my conference about the issues facing us with this problem. His reply, "You don't have high-speed internet!! Why not??"