Sunday, October 7, 2007

Coming Together

Last week I finally started getting everything organized and feel much better about it all. I am a list kind of person. You know the type. If I go to the grocery store without my list, I forget all the stuff I need and buy a whole bunch of extra crap. Well, I am the same way about a lot of things. So I listed everything that I have to accomplish for my D.Min. program this semester (by due dates) and I listed everything that I have to accomplish for my Commissioning (also by due dates). So now I feel much better, not as out of control. I have actually submitted some of my homework assignments already. See I do work better when I have a list.

Of course, when you make lists people always try to mess them up but I'm not that easy to distract. I will have to admit that all of this ministry stuff that we have begun at the church is really interfering with my schedule (just joking--ha, ha).

Tomorrow I have my friends mom's funeral to conduct at 10 a.m. Seems kind of early but it works for them (and for me). She died of Alzheimer's just like the funeral for the church member that I conducted last month. I did the Alzheimer's walk on Thursday and met the coolest man. He is 72 and his wife was diagnosed last year with Alzheimer's. It has progressed very, very quick and she cannot even dress herself anymore. But listen to this, he was a referee with the National Football League. And was in awesome shape. I was a little jealous. He was so sweet and spent the entire time we ate together talking about his wife. After we were done, he said, "Thank you so much for letting me talk to you about my wife. It felt great to get it off my chest." What a sweety!! I love the opportunities that this calling gives to me to connect with people.

Being a pastor can be the most frustrating, hair-pulling job in the ENTIRE world and at the same time it is the most fulfilling, rewarding and soul-satisfying call that we can ever answer. I know, it happens to me on a daily basis. Trust me-- I had a Finance Committee meeting today.

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more cows than people said...

first, thanks for the e-mails. i'll try to respond soon.

second, lists help me SOO much too.

third, yup- crazy balance of wonderful and awful this work of ours.

good for you for getting stuff accomplished and for listening to someone who needed to talk!

blessings on the funeral tomorrow.