Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Smog, Smog, Smog

Yesterday, bloggers tried to raise awareness of environmental issues. Today, when I was driving home from taking my Psych evaluation. I saw huge piles of wood on fire. This is courtesy of the Great State of Texas. They are doubling the capacity of a 10 mile stretch of highway, which is really necessary. However, I counted 8 piles of trees on fire in 1 mile. So if one averages the piles of wood then between 70 & 80 log piles are being burned to widen this stretch of highway. And believe me when I say, this particular pile was already significantly burned down when I got the picture. It was like driving through fog. Surely, with all of the emphasis on emissions control in my state, we could come up with a different way to dispose of the wood. I mean, after all, one of my state's exports is wood. We have loggers all over the place. Seems like they would want this wood. Some of those trees were huge. Anyway, just a thought.
I completed the written part of my Psych evaluation today. 325 little circles successfully darkened with a #2 pencil. It totally inflamed my carpal tunnel or something. But the little voices in my head said that I did just fine on the thing ---just joking. No really but someone IS out to get me. ;-) This is like my 4th time to take it or one like it, so far, it has said that I am normal. Keep your fingers crossed, I would hate for this one to say something different. I wonder when these tests were first instituted in my Annual Conference? It would be interesting to test all the ones who came before and see where they fall along the sane continuum.

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steve said...

Found your blog through "more cows." I hope the evaluation went well. Peace.