Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Today I am donating 106 paperbacks to the local libary. Keep in mind that I gave them over 200 last fall. So I am addicted to books. This doesn't even count the books that I have given away to friends and family. I take books with me wherever I go, both theology-Christian books and a novel. As the mother of an extremely active child, I spend alot of time waiting, waiting at Karate lessons (green belt), waiting at music lessons (bass drum, oboe, violin, piano), waiting, waiting, waiting.

My diet and exercise program is still on-going. I walked yesterday and DID pilates, today I have already done my pilates and might walk while daughter is at karate. It will keep me from buying another book.

I heard the most distressing news yesterday. The American Dietician Assoc. said that we are only supposed to have dessert once a week. Crap, crap, crap.

Good news - they are putting in my new air conditioning unit today. District meeting was all about stewardship. I am pleased to announce that since I was appointed here we have always paid our apportionments 100% (which is more than they were doing prior to my arrival). Thank goodness they are already paid for this year or they would use the a/c issue as an excuse not to pay them. I knew paying them off early would really pay off.

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revabi said...

That is the truth about apportionments. We have been 80% and then 100% since I got to St. John.

I know that waiting thing too. But active girls is a good thing.

PS I am addicted to books too.
Ask my hubby.