Friday, September 7, 2007

Sore Feet

I had heard an story on the news yesterday about the 2.5 million Americans who suffer from Plantar fastitis (sp?). Anyway, it is the swelling of the tendon that runs along the bottom of your foot. It caused excruciating pain when you first step out of bed on them and they hurt most of the day. I have been suffering from this for the past year or so. I thought that I just needed to lose some of the weight that I had gained and they would feel better. Well, I do need to lose weight and am working on it but wearing shoes without the proper arch support may have contributed to my problem.

I bought some of the cutest sneakers that last year of seminary but they had very little padding on the insole and absolutely no arch support. I wore them all the time. Hmmm.... a foot condition caused by cute shoes - would've have thought of it.

The story said that many sufferers found relief by; 1) shoes with good arch supports, 2) stretching the foot before ever getting out of bed. Here is my initial evaluation of the foot stretching advice. Yesterday, when I got out of bed it was like stepping on hot needles. This morning after diligent stretching, it was merely sore. It was hard to remember though because when the alarm goes off I usually jump up and wake up my daughter for school. This morning I waited a couple of minutes while stretching and still she got to school on time. So it is looking good so far. I worn shoes with good arch support all day yesterday. My only question is what about going barefoot? Because I spend all the time I'm home without shoes on.

My book for the RevGalPal's September book discussion arrived yesterday, "Good Fences: The Boundaries of Hospitality" by Caroline A. Westerhoff. I can't actually join the group yet because I haven't been blogging for three months (shrug), but I am looking forward to reading it. I finished Nicholas Evans "The Smoke Jumpers". It was a great book.

Bloggus Interruptus: Just got of the phone with my church treasurer. It is supposed to be my day off but apparently the conference has screwed up my pension/insurance automatic draft yet again. They have pulled out over $1100 dollars this month. When I called the conference, they said, "we have only drafted $279". It is hard trying to handle issues like this from a middle position, so I asked the conference person to call my treasurer directly. Now you might ask, why doesn't my treasurer have that contact name and number. She did. I have it to her after last months fiasco. But she wants it fixed and it is easier to call me, than it is to call the conference directly.

Tomorrow, I am spending the day a few counties over for the State Hippology Contest. Hippology is the study of horses. Last year Ryss was in the Top Ten for the entire state of Texas - Junior Division. That is big deal since Texas is so horse orientated. The contest consists of some actual horse judging events, then a written test, then a identification test which covers; tack, equipment, scientific labels for body parts, and the hardest identification of various grains, feeds, etc. It is an all day competition.

Ryss was awarded her purple belt yesterday at Karate. I'm so proud of her. And better yet, she came home and cleaned her room. Of course, she talked on the telephone the entire time. Yes, the entire time. I had to finally make her get off because it was bedtime.

I walked for one hour today. Didn't want to but my friend called and said "Are we walking?" Thanks to "The Thief" for the advice. Actually, two good pieces of advice; buy good shoes and get a friend to exercise with. Wish I had taken the shoe advice before I caused this problem in my feet.


cheesehead said...

I had a bout of PF in the spring. It hurt like hell. I did the stair-step stretch, where you stand on a step on only your toes, then raise and lower your heels. It took care of it in a couple of weeks.

Oddly enough, I only had it in one foot, the one with the flat arch. (Isn't that an oxymoron?)

Rev. Dulce said...

Life is full of oxymoron's. Glad to hear about your stretching success. I hope that it works for me, too. I will try the stair step stretch.

cheesehead said...

I went and did that right now to see if I told you correctly. Actually you stand on the balls of your feet. I think if you stand on your toes you might fall, unless you are a ballerina. I'm sure not!