Wednesday, September 12, 2007

More Committee's

I went to the 4-H Council meeting last night and still ended up on two committee's - decorating and awards. I knew, as sure as God made little green apples, that I would be put on a committee if I didn't show up but I truly didn't expect to end up on even more while present. I really can say No, see I just did. No, No, No - (just practicing).

My daughter is just on the cusp of the literal teenage years. She will be thirteen in December. However, in mental and emotional years she is 45. And she makes me feel, right around, 105.
((I was going to tell you a personal story about Ryss but I thought "better not". She might read this and be mad at me for two or three weeks!!)) And the reasons that she makes me feel old: She is a cheerleader, purple-belt in Karate, runs cross country, active in the 4-H Vet Science and Horse Club, plays four different instruments. I am very proud of her but gues who drives her to cheer practice, karate practice, cross country practice, 4-H meetings, music lessons - me, me and me.

We have three dogs in my family: Lily is a purebred border collie who was given to me for free and had a rough childhood with a man who shot at her because she chased his cows. Gus is the daschund, who is the old man of the bunch at 9. Luke is only 10 months old and a pure-bred Australian Shepherd. His favorite past-time is eating all of Ryss' rubber bands that she absolutely will not pick up. Plus, I don't take a single step in the house without him right there.

We have two cats which I will seldom mention because I'm really not a cat person. Three guesses about who is and the first two don't count. They are both around 8 years old. And the black one - Stormy - follows my daughter around like a dog. She gives kisses if you blow on her nose and she let Ryss push her around in a baby stroller ever since they were both babies.

I did a weigh-in this morning. I have lost grand total of 2 pounds for the two weeks and absolutely ZERO for this past week. I figured up my calories for yesterday - only 1200. Plus, I'm still sore from the bicycle ride and working out my arms with weights.

Well, time to get ready for the 1st day of Kidz Day Out. Still only four official kids coming but it will give us the opportunity for an initial evaluation without being overwhelmed. Plus, there might be some unofficial ones that just drop in. Pray for us!!!!

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