Friday, September 14, 2007

Post-Game Blues

It wasn't pretty last night. Game One; we lost 20 to 0: Game Two; we lost 46 to 8: Game Three; we were losing 21 to 0 at halftime. The cheerleaders were released at half-time so we left.
My cheerleader is the 3rd from the left. We were warned that next week is a swamp land and to take lots of mosquito repellent. Last night, at least, the weather was very cool and pleasant. Very unusual for this time of year.
Had people in the stands coming up with their little ones, saying hello "to the teacher". Guess our Kidz Day Out program at more of impact for such a small group than I would have guessed. I hope that we are not overwhelmed next month but after my last debacle with "lack of faith", I am going to trust God to provide enough workers "and buy a good gate to keep the little buggers from escaping".
Hurricane Update: 1 dead, 100,000 without power, many with damaged homes. It was a minor storm in the larger scheme of things BUT if you were still waiting for your roof to get fixed from Hurricane Rita and had to endure Humberto - then maybe it wasn't that minor after all.
I decided against the clerical collar because I couldn't figure out a way to wear it and blue jean capri's at the same time. I have went to football and basketball and volleyball games for the last four years without having a child participating. This was the very first game where I actually had a child involved in the activity.
I noticed that when I go to the hospital and wear the shirt/collar that I have people who I don't know stopping and talking to me. I'm becoming a believer in them for that fact alone. The problem is; I just have one and it is a man's shirt. Why would I buy a man's shirt? Why because, in my local Christian store, only men have ever wanted a clerical shirt/collar. I am saving up enough to order some women's shirts from a catalog. Anyone have some good suggestions? Remember I'm not Twiggy. More along the lines of Miss Piggy. (I couldn't resist - it rhymed.)


Purechristianithink said...

Well, Miss Piggy would wear a pink one . . .

Rev. Dulce said...

PLeeeez... pink isn't slimming. But you are right, Miss Piggy would wear pink.