Monday, September 10, 2007

Flash Flood Watch

Much of the area is under a Flash Flood Watch. It rained pretty hard here yesterday afternoon. I really didn't notice as I was comatose. Took a nap, called my mentor and complained about the "Banes of my existence". He told me, my mistake was going back to finish cleaning the kitchen but that the rest I handled in a professional manner. Yea, for me.

I worked out this morning but forgot to weigh myself. I am scared too because after I got so upset yesterday - I ate chocolate cake and not just a small reasonable sized piece. Oh no, a massive piece. I did give the rest to the neighbor so that I wouldn't continue down that slippery slope.

I finished the RevGals Read of the Month "Good Fences: The Boundaries of Hospitality" by Caroline Westerhoff. I disagreed with her assertion that "we are not God's hands in the world". I do agree that "God could do it without our help" but that isn't how it works - at least, not in my understanding of theology. God chooses to do it through our work. Otherwise, why are we here? What are we doing?

I am off to the bank to deposit my paycheck and to visit at the nursing home. Tonight is Karate and a Horse Club Meeting.

We had an idea for our Mother's Day Out Program. We are going to take the kids on outdoor nature hikes. So I want to talk to our County Extension Agent, who is a Master Gardener, about giving a demonstration or talk. This week I am going to take Lily down to meet the kids. She loves kids. Plus, she will fetch a frisbee until she collapses from exhaustion or a tennis ball or a stick (basically, anything you throw she will fetch). Plus, she doesn't jump and she smiles. I kid you not, she smiles at people.

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