Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Noises in the Night

I was trying to go to sleep last night and kept hearing this sound. I'm like, "What IS THAT?" Took me a few minutes to identify it as rain. I haven't heard the rain in eleven days. What a blessing. It is still blessing us this morning which means that roads might be flooding later.

My 1/2 pound is still absent, Hurray!!. And now that all the foreign exchange students are gone and Ryss has confiscated the full-size bed --- I have my room back --- my exercise room. Too bad that I gave the treadmill away. The FES's broke the television and DVD in that room which I might eventually replace so that I can do all of my exercising in there (that would cut down on me having to vacuum the living room-see I can always see the brighter side). I decided that since I couldn't walk. I would double up on the exercise, so I have completed my Pilates work-out and am waiting for my friend to come so we can do her new one. I hope it doesn't' make me look like a geek. I'm the girl in the aerobics class that always went left when the rest of the class went right. I was dancing around the house the other day to "Play that Funky Music". My daughter said it looked like I was having a spasm.

Turned out that the Library received 122 books from my library. I actually went through one bookshelf, just one shelf, I have to pace myself. I might go into book withdrawal. I certainly don't want to get rid of one that I might possibly want in the next fifty years - once.

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