Sunday, September 16, 2007


My necklace is crooked but you get the idea of how I dressed today (it's hard to keep your necklace straight when you have no head).
This was the first time that I wore the clerical shirt/collar to church. And it was an interesting experiment. Before people had no problem shoving a dish rag in my hand, today however they actually let me visit with the family during the funeral meal.
I'm not sure that is something - the separateness - that I would want to experience every Sunday but it served as a reminder to some that I am the pastor and not the maid. Problem is, I usually, don't mind being the maid.
The funeral service and committal service both went very well. It has made today very, very long. And for some reason my stomach hurts. I think it started when "Head Bane" said she wasn't sure that they could pay me before I leave for Houston because the insurance is due. I just stared at her. Thank goodness, she said it front of the SPRC Chair so I'm sure that I will be paid. Especially since the offering was good.
I think she is so unhappy that it makes her feel better to try and upset others. I refuse to let it bother me. And if I say it enough maybe it won't.


more cows than people said...

hey, thanks for your comments lately.

looks like i should check in here more often.

i'll add you to my feeds.

i don't even own a clerical shirt and collar. would it have prevented the questions about where the breaker for the hot water heater is and the irritation when I didn't have the answer yesterday?

Sue said...

Hey, I have that identical outfit!

I rarely wear the collar. The exception is for funerals when the family is not very well connected to the church. It reminds the family and friends of my role, and saves folks the trouble of trying to remember if I'm someone's long lost cousin (because I'm hanging around with the family and all...).