Sunday, September 2, 2007

Pig Sty versus Clean Room

My family came today to pick up the furniture from Ryss's room. Okay, I would walk by and make her pick it up occasionally but, face it, we are both very, very busy. When we actually pulled out the bed, and the chest of drawers and the entertainment center - OMG - it was dusty enough to actually grow a small rain forest. Thank goodness, it was family because it was kind of embarrassing. I know that I claim not to care but it really was bad.

Church was great. We had over 14 kids in worship. It made for an interesting service and I loved it. The best part was the closing hymn. I forgot to turn off my microphone and was just singing my heart out. Then I noticed one of the newest couples in the church giggling so I checked my mic and hurriedly turned it off. They got so tickled that it made me laugh. Usually when I forget to turn off my mic my daughter buries her face in her hands. I really don't sing that great but it is with good, Wesleyan enthusiasm.

My niece is all set up with the furniture. We made it to the birthday party of one of Ryss's friends (who happens to be another Methodist's PK). Loaded up all of her bedroom furniture. Cooked supper. And had a great worship service. I hope that the Wednesday night Administrative Board doesn't totally bum me out.

We are starting a Mother's Day Out Program on the 12th. We have to hammer out a couple of details. I hope that everything goes smoothly. I've had to really fight hard to get this up and running. They even held an illegal meeting while I was gone to Annual Conference to postpone the launch but it's all okay now. I have faith that this is the right thing for the community. Plus, community survey's to back it up and it is really being led by a few of the laity. Unfortunately, just not the powerful ones but, my friends, that is quickly changing. Do you remember when the Elf Queen in the Lord of the Rings turns down the ring and says that the elves will diminish and go to the west? Well, the block that is trying to keep the church the same as its always been is slowly but surely diminishing.

And best of all, I have absolutely no appointments that I have to go to tomorrow. It is a completely free day. I think we'll take a walk in the morning and finish cleaning Ryss's room. I might not even start on my sermon until Tuesday which is very hard for me. I like to have most of the sermon done by Wednesday (just in case something comes up).

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