Saturday, September 15, 2007

Whom Shall I Fear?

Pic#1= Playing in the park while Mom is walking around in circles. We aren't sure what she is doing but we get to have lots of fun while she does it. And we get very, very excited when she puts on her walking shoes.

Pic#2= Last but not least, trying to keep up with very short legs. I try really hard to keep up but I have to take five steps to everyone else's one.

Pic#3= Telling Mom "It's time to go home." We got in here by ourselves the first time because it sounded like Mom was croaking out on us but she made us get out and went two more times around. This time we waited until she said, "Load up". (Check out Luke's tongue, where does it all goes when its not hanging down to his knees?)

As I was walking, I was listening to Casting Crowns on my IPOD. And at the end of one song, they sing "Whom shall I fear, whom shall I fear?" I thought, "how much has fear defined me?" Fear of embarrassment, fear of people thinking that I'm not a perfect pastor, fear, fear, fear....

It's a deadly combination and I believe that as I walked, and listened to this that it was a message from God because as he sang the words I looked up and saw the graveyard where I will be burying someone tomorrow. Living in fear is like being in the grave.

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