Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Justifiable Homicide

I want to strangle my child. Yep, I admit it. Do you remember all of the fuss over getting her the proper Cross Country footwear? The two hour round trip to the mall, the $86 dollar pair of shoes.... Well, she has LOST THEM. How do you lose your shoes? I could understand (maybe) if we were on a wilderness trip but she lost them at school. I love my daughter, she is the most important person in my life but, for heaven's sake, she is the most scatterbrained, genius that I've ever met.
Changing the subject: Do you see the huge pecan tree's that grace my back yard? If you look real close at the picture on the right, you can see the pecan's that are getting ready to drop. Yum, Yum, Yum - pecan pie, pecan cobbler, and just pecans. Lovely.
Diet Update: I have been working out and watching my food intake. In fact, the other day I added up my calories and they were only 1200. I have lost a total of 6 pounds - now if I could just multiply that by 10 - I would be one happy camper.

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The Thief said...

Sounds like it's time for darling daughter to buy her own kicks or run in her old shoes until she "finds" her others...

And you don't lose shoes on a wilderness trip. They are WAY too important there.