Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Day's End

This is a view from the top of Ryss's corn snake "Dot". She is leaving for a new home after over five years. She is over four feet long and has been one of the easiest pets we have ever owned and is going to a good home. Ryss just doesn't have the time to properly care for her any longer.

I worked out for 1 1/2 hours today. Did my regular Pilates workout and then my friend came over and we worked out even longer. I feel pretty righteous - not any lighter but righteous. But today I was watching CNN and saw this news story about a guy whose lungs were damaged by inhaling the fumes from his microwave popcorn. Granted he ate popcorn several times a day but this was very strange but that isn't the interesting part - immediately after hearing the story I had the worst craving for popcorn and had to make some. Didn't inhale the steam from my fat-free popcorn but I did eat a bowl.

Thought I better check on my financial aid for my D.Min. program today. Was informed that everything is in order and that they will send me some money after the 30th of this month. Excuse Me. My week long stay on campus begins on the 9/24. How am I supposed to pay for the hotel, travel, etc??? Oh, that's right she says, you are starting school before that - "YES" (you dunce). They are going to check on advancing me some of my student loan money. I hate being so needy but I am a single-parent, student pastor and barely scraping by. We didn't even go on a week-end trip this summer because we couldn't afford it. There is no way I can rent a hotel for an entire week without some up-front money. I was happy that I could afford to buy all of the books in advance. Anyway pray for me. Hopefully, they will help me out. I'm wondering if I should email my plight to the director of the program. Any advice out there??

I was vindicated today. Told Hard-Headed Child that volleyball would interfere with cheerleading, she argued and argued but I prevailed. They are actually canceling the squad tomorrow at the game because all of the girls except my child can't be there - they have a volleyball game. Hmmph..... told you so.

Admin Council went very smoothly. It is back to normal after the whole "remodeling of Sanctuary" controversy. I was very leery, though. The SPRC Chair even said during her report, "The rest of you really don't realize all of the work that the pastor does behind the scenes". Felt good but I'm not sure that some of those present were convinced but it still felt good. Everything is now approved and in place for the Mother's Day Out Ministry. Hip, Hip, Hurray!! Good thing because my article about it came out in today's newspaper. And they put it in big headlines about the fold of the paper (not on page one but big headline).

I will have three hours tomorrow to finish up my sermon and to blog, surf the net, shampoo the carpet because they are delivering the new dresser. So blog something interesting for me to read. They called for directions and were supposed to call back with the 3-hour window, but didn't. Maybe they will come early so that I can get to the Nursing Home before the afternoon nap.

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