Friday, September 14, 2007

Reading Pose

This is the "reading pose" and my little helper. He whines and cries until I put my legs down and then jumps up next to me and I curl my legs up around him. This would be so cute if he wasn't the size of Goliath. Thank goodness I have one of those Snuggler recliners.

See the look he gives me if I yell at something in the book I'm reading. And then he goes back to sleep with his head hanging down over the edge of the arm.

Today, I am reading "RE-Imaging Evangelism: Inviting Friends on a Spiritual Journey" by Rick Richardson. I have a love-hate relationship with evangelism. I live in the bible belt and have people knocking on my door trying to "save my soul" all the time. They will really kick it up a notch if they find out I am a pastor. Obviously a female pastor MUST BE going to Hell. I refuse to do this form of evangelism. Which makes many in my congregation think that I'm not doing my job. My favorite book on this subject is "The Celtic Way of Evangelism: How Christianity Can Reach the West....Again" by George G. Hunter III. The difference between the two forms of evangelism listed in is his book is that the Celtic form takes time and building relationships. That isn't what my people want. They want fast and quick results. Numbers, numbers, numbers. Hence, my failure at evangelism.

Today is my Sabbath day. So I will read and pray and post. And maybe do it over and over again. I have no plans, nothing on the calendar, no meetings and no money so I am not tempted to go shopping. So plan on reading another post later tonight. The RevGals Friday Five is about meetings. I have some definite ideas about those, maybe even some that I can put into print.

My ankle looks swollen - doesn't it?

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