Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Random Thoughts

I am waiting for Karate to finish so that I can go to a 4-H Council meeting. We are planning the annual banquet. I have random thoughts that have been running around as I cleaned the church and house today.

1) My sermon will be over the parable of the Lost Sheep this week. I wonder what trouble I will get in if I compare/contrast God searching after the 1 lost lamb and leaving the 99 - with my church's well entrenched tendency to want 99% of our time and effort to go to taking care of the members of the church and only 1% to the lost. I have been fighting this battle for four years. They are used to retired or almost retired pastors coming in who don't have the energy or will to fight them on this............. Arrgghhh.

2) My home county's jail is being painted pink this week. It is supposed to make people not want to go to jail. Now imagine I am a crack head looking for something to steal to get my next fix, "Oh, I can't steal that - I don't want to go to the pink jail". It is also supposed to prevent people from stealing stuff from the jail. What kind of jail are running where people can steal from it? If a jail isn't safe, what is?

I remember painting my barracks room pink in the Army while stationed in Germany. My sergeant took one look and said, "Repaint it". I did but it I did it in Chocolate brown, dark, dark brown. And in spots I didn't cover up the pink very well. It was an interesting time (and ugly time).

3) Why don't more pastors participate in Church Camp? Especially large church pastor's. Does having a youth pastor excuse you from dealing with your church's youth at all? Your church doesn't all apart while you are on vacation, or at Annual Conference? Why can't they do without you for a week while you work with your youth?

4) This is embarrassing: While cleaning today, I found a bag from the 2006 Annual Conference. And in it were two polo shirts. This cleaning is getting bad for my self-image. I'm finding brand-new books and, now, brand-new shirts.


mompriest said...

going random here - love the photos of your dogs. Border collie? or mix?...(I have two beloved dogs - a labrador mix named "Roxie" (9 years old) and a Viszla named "Ruby" (5 years old)photos of them at the bottom of my blog....and how old is your teen aged daughter (mine is 19, and son is 15)...

ellbee said...

OK - last summer (2006) I went to Mexico with our mission team. Immediately after (like within 24 hours) I was on a plane to New Hampshire to meet up with the rest of the family already on vacation.

Last month, as I was cleaning up the "bonus room/office" I found a bag of things from that 2-week period, including a chocolate bar and t-shirt.

The chocolate was still good :)

Rev. Dulce said...

Tell me about your mission to Mexico. Where did you go and what did you do? And did you do all of the arrangements. I'm always trying to learn how to do missions better.